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We can translate documents into Easy Read. This is simple words and pictures like this website. It is a good way of giving information to adults with learning disabilities. It is also good for people with English as a second language. Send us your information and we will send you a quote. Email our Directors:  nick@speakoutinhounslow.org or


We can have a group of adults with learning disabilities who can check your easy read make sure it is clear. We can make CD's and DVD's of your information as well. You can consult us on making your website more accessible. Email us for a quote.


We can run training sessions on disability awareness, how to campaign and how to write easy read. We can do this training with professionals, adults with learning disabilities or a mixed group. If you would like us to design some training for you on these or any other topics, email our directors:

nick@speakoutinhounslow.org or



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