Latest Show:                             Updated: 3rd December 2021

Join Nick Benjamin from the Speak Out Dancing session.  He speaks to Jeff, Alice, Ravi, Tara, Stan, George, Anisa, Ramandeep, and Jo.  There's lots of fun and some great music choices!

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Previous Shows:                        Updated: 11th November 2021

Join Nick Benjamin as he pays tribute to Speak Out Member and Trustee Margaret Krowicki. Recorded during the big UK national lockdown, Margaret's warm personality and sense of humour comes through even during a difficult time. This Speak Out Radio Show is dedicated to the memory of Margaret who has very sadly died.


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                          Updated: 27th August 2021

Hear the biggest number of Speak Out members, carers & staff we have ever had on one show! Nick Benjamin is your host & chats to Stan, Ravi, Gian, Tara, Lee, Mindy, Natalie, Sushma, Aysha, Anisa, Sulav, Debbie, Levi, Maria, Ramandeep, Punam, Anum, Jeff, Terri and Jo.  Recorded at Speak Out’s very own mini golf.  Hear how our members get on well on our course.  There’s lots of fun plus some great music.  

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                            Updated: 2nd July 2021

Join Nick Benjamin with Speak Out Radio from the Thursday Line Dancing session. Hear Ayesha, Terri, Levi, Maria, Ravi, Alice, Tara, Stan, Sally and Jeff on the show plus some great music choices!

Updated: 27th May 2021

Join Nick Benjamin as he chats to the Speak Out multi-sports group. They're learning badminton. Then we magic ourselves to meet members of Speak Out's Arts & Crafts group. Great chat, lots of energy, and fantastic music!                   

                                               Updated: 14th May 2021

Nick Benjamin welcomes you to the Speak Out Radio Show at our Speak Out Garden Group. In this lovely radio show meet our members as they help with the garden at the London Museum of Water and Steam. They're a warm, friendly and cheerful bunch and will put a smile on your face!                  

                                             Updated: 25th February 2021

Nick Benjamin is joined by Mairi McLeod from Let's Go Outside & Learn. She tells us why it is important to get out into the fresh air & enjoy the nature around us. Plus... Nick plays all your requests and messages. Turn on your ears!

Speak Out Radio is produced for adults with learning disabilities & autism... but is a great listen for everyone!    

                        Updated: 18th February 2021

This week Nick Benjamin is joined by special guest Ruth Cadbury MP. She tells us about growing up in Birmingham as a Quaker and her connections to the Cadbury Chocolate family. We find out about becoming MP and adjusting to life in Parliament. Ruth answers the "10 favourites". Plus... your song requests and messages. 

                                                           Updated: 11th February 2021

Your song requests from The Supremes to Kung Fu fighting! Plus special guest Rebecca Driver shares her 10 favourites! Turn on your ears Speak Outers! 

                      Updated: 4th February 2021

Your song requests from Steps to a James Bond theme, New Order to Frankie Laine.  Plus special guest Steve Joyce shares his 10 favourites!  Turn on your ears Speak Outers!

                                      Updated: 28th January 2021

Nick chats for an hour to Mayor of the London Borough of Hounslow, Tony Louki. Tony tells us about how & why he became a Councillor then Mayor. He explains what he does. We also hear about his view on Speak Out and our members. He gives his views on the pandemic, and then he answers the "10 Favourites" questions. 

                                                            Updated: 3rd December 2020

                                             Updated: 26th November 2020

                                             Updated: 18th November 2020

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