Travel Trainer Project Leader

Speak Out in Hounslow is recruiting a Travel Training Project Leader.  The post is for 16 hours a week at £15.10* per hour. This post is Lottery funded for 4 years.  We are looking for an individual who can support our learning disabled adult clients to become confident users of public transport.  This is a brand new job at Speak Out.  You will be expected to plan, maintain and run a travel training programme for 4 groups of 5 learning disabled adults over each year of the project.


As you’d expect… good organisation skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills are vital.  We are looking for someone with a common sense approach to teaching people to travel.  Safety is our priority.  There will also be a substantial amount of monitoring required to ensure individuals are increasing their skills.


Person Specification

1) Demonstrate a minimum of a year of experience in working with a range of adults with learning disabilities. 

2) Show an understanding of the issues they face in engaging in community activities.

3) Show a thorough understanding of the barriers to travelling that people with LDs experience and demonstrate how you can support them within the project.

4) Show an understanding of the safety implications of travel training.

5) Demonstrate an ability to plan, organise and maintain a training programme.

6) Demonstrate your experience in recruiting individuals onto a project.

7) Show your ability to keep clients motivated within a training programme/project to minimise attrition rate.

8) Demonstrate your ability to efficiently record and monitor the client throughout the travel training experience.

9) Show effectiveness in monitoring and reporting on projects outcomes ongoing and by monitoring deadlines.

10) Demonstrate your own thorough knowledge of travel and safety across all forms of public transport.

11) Build strong relationships with others organisations within the borough.

12) Preferred: a good knowledge of transport and travel options within the West London area… and into Central London.

A basic training session will be provided to the post holder to help them fulfil the role of Travel Training Project Leader… but the role is brand new to Speak Out and will rely on a common sense and reactive approach to develop the project as appropriate.


All posts

- All post holders will be expected to take part in promotional activities for the whole of Speak Out in Hounslow, not just within their project.  They will be expected to be great ambassadors of the organisation and its ethos.

- Everyone will be expected to obey Speak Out’s policies including safeguarding & confidentiality of clients.

- Everyone will need to participate in the running of the Speak Out office and work fully as part of the team. 

*Note… the hourly rate is before all tax, NI and auto-enrolment into a pension scheme from 2016.


SOH Application Form for all roles
SOH Application Form - all roles Nov 15.
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