Mission statement

To support and empower adults with learning disabilities in Hounslow to speak up, be heard, affect change and have real life and social opportunities.


Overall Aim (impact)

The overall aim of Speak Out in Hounslow is to improve the lives of adults with learning disabilities in the London Borough of Hounslow.


Specific Aims (outcomes, why we do it)

Speak Out seeks to achieve this overall aim through:

·        Supporting adults with learning disabilities to lead a normal life with the same access to opportunities as everyone else

·        Empowering adults with learning disabilities to speak up for themselves.

·        Supporting adults with learning disabilities to make their own choices and decisions.

·        Increasing adults with learning disability’s awareness of their rights, responsibilities and entitlements.

·        Improving user-involvement in the planning, decision making and delivery of mainstream and specialist learning disability services.

·        Improving awareness and understanding of learning disability issues.


OBJECTIVES (what we do)

Speak Out try to achieve these aims by doing the following things:

·        Working closely with adults who have learning disabilities in Hounslow to ensure Speak Out continues to be user led.

·        Offering a range of advocacy and empowerment services for people with learning disabilities

·        Ensuring that these services are provided by experienced, competent and well-supported staff and volunteers who are available when people need them.

·        Establishing a fundraising strategy which will enable all of Speak Out’s projects to have secure funding for 3 years at full cost.

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