Our projects

We support people with learning disabilities to speak up with 4 different projects:


Campaigning, Outings, Empowerment and Travel Training.

Campaigning is when you try to make things better. You can do this in lots of different ways. 

Our campaigning group is called CCP. Find out what they are working on at our campaigning page.


Outings and Tasters
Two members of staff run our outings during the week and at the weekend. We also need new volunteers to help.  We go to lots of different places... chosen by our members.

Everyone is welcome. We use public transport. If you need help when you are out ask your support worker to come with you.

Find out what outings are on now in pages 6-10 of Speak Out News. Click here to see it.                  

Empowerment Project.

We run lots of different empowerment groups. In these groups we talk about things that are important to people with learning disabilities. 

We have a group for just being with your friends. It is called Chit Chat Hounslow. It is held every Thursday.


To find out more about our empowerment groups go to the empowerment project page


Travel Training
Our latest project is Travel Training.  We can work with you to become more travel confident with walking to places, buses and trains.

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